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Dons Trust representative

Volunteer role – homebased and flexible

An exciting new opportunity has arisen to become the Dons Trust Representative Trustee on the Board of Wimbledon in Sporting History.

With the completion of the new stadium, the opportunity to celebrate and tell the unique history of Wimbledon football has never been greater.

Wimbledon in Sporting History (WiSH) are a Heritage Charity that is playing a huge part in that.

WiSH are members of the National Museum Association and will run..

The old and current Wimbledon badges overlaidClub history – discussion facilitator wanted

We are looking for a volunteer to facilitate discussions about how we celebrate our history at our new stadium.

The role will involve leading discussions between a range of supporters – including Wimbledon in Sporting History (WISH) – to determine a way that allows display of the widest range of artefacts possible while ensuring that any organisation involved in displaying material in the stadium’s museum is ultimately accountable to the Dons Trust.

The role will involve:

arranging and facilitating discussions..

The old and current Wimbledon badges overlaidUpdate on history discussions

The Dons Trust board knows that many members are unsure where we currently stand with regard to representing our history at our new stadium. This follows regrettable inactivity by the board since this issue was discussed at April’s SGM.

As well as issuing this update, we are now advertising for a volunteer facilitator to take the lead on discussions to ensure that we end up with a museum at our new stadium that we can all be proud of.