Dons Trust Board election result

The result of this year’s Dons Trust Board election was announced at last night’s Trust AGM. The votes cast were as follows:

Matthew Breach 609 Sean McLaughlin 467 Tim Hillyer 440 Cormac van der Hoeven 370 Tom Adam 395 Nigel Higgs 540

Turnout was 27%.

With four spots on the board up for election, Matthew Breach, Nigel Higgs, Sean McLaughlin and Tim Hillyer were therefore elected. Commiserations and ‘thank you’ for standing to Tom Adam and Cormac van der Hoeven.


DTB Elections: Statement by the DT Secretary

Following the Nominations process for the Dons Trust Board which closed on 12 November, the Electoral Steering Group received four nominations to stand on the Board for next year.

These are:

Matt Breach Iain McNay Sean McLaughlin Kris Stewart

As the number of nominations was below the five vacant places on the Board, there will therefore be no election before the AGM.

Consideration is currently being given to how to fill the remaining post; further details of this will..

The Dons Trust Board Election 2012


The deadline for nominations to be received for the Dons Trust Board elections has now been extended until Monday 12 November.

Though the initial deadline was quoted as Saturday 10 November, some bulletins, including the Dons Trust website, had stated it was two days later. To avoid further confusion, the Dons Trust will now accept nominations by 12th.

The process for submitting nominations remains the same, as outlined below.


Nominations opened on..

Dons Trust Board election

Your chance to help set the direction of the club you love!

With everything that’s happening at our Club right now, you may be thinking that the Dons Trust Board election sounds rather dull. But as new Dons Trust Secretary David Hall explains, there is no better time to get involved in helping set the direction of AFC Wimbledon.

For those of you who are less familiar with our club, you may be wondering what all this is about, while..