Graham StaceyManifesto Graham Stacey

Proposers: Gary Jordan and Kris Stewart

Vote Stacey!

I’ve decided to stand for another term on the Dons Trust Board because I don’t think my job is done, yet. 

Over the last two years I have always been a voice for fan engagement, transparency, fan ownership and fairness.

My time on the DTB didn’t get off to the smoothest start, you might say. I was actually sworn in on the night in 2019 when we were told, completely out of..

Graeme PriceManifesto Graeme Price

Proposers: Damian Woodward and Marc Jones

Why I wish to join the Dons Trust board

Going home to Plough Lane was an immense achievement that we should all rightly bask in the warm glow of. There is however so much more to be done to keep our unique club moving forward. 

You won’t find me shouting the odds on social media, as I prefer to be a doer, previously having striven to help in the background with several of the..

Colin ShergoldManifesto Colin Shergold

Proposers: John Ivers and Colin Dipple

One of the main reasons that I am standing in this election relates to the issue of fan ownership. Unlike many of you, whilst I am in favour of us remaining fan owned for the foreseeable future, I am not what I would describe as ‘evangelical’ about fan ownership. I am absolutely amazed at the success we have achieved as a fan owned club. To have reached League 1 and have built a..

Kris StewartManifesto Kris Stewart

Proposers:  Graham Stacey and Stephen Buck

About me: A Dons fan since 1986, I was chair of the Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association 2001-2002, founding Chairman of AFC Wimbledon in 2002 and have been on the Dons Trust board twice, most recently standing down in 2015. 

If I’m elected:

I’ll always argue – and vote – to ensure we remain in control of our club. And I’ll always tell you how I’ve argued and how I’ve voted. I will push..

Mark EngelbretsonManifesto Mark Engelbretson

Proposers: Peter Godfrey and David King

I have long had an association with supporting Wimbledon FC/AFC Wimbledon along with a general love of the beautiful game, which started way back in 1979 as a 4 year old. I regularly started to watch Wimbledon play at Plough Lane when we were promoted from Division 4 & began our meteoric rise to division 1. I had my first season ticket in division 3, I was there to witness us get promoted..

Dennis LowndesManifesto Dennis Lowndes

Proposers: Craig Wellstead and Roger Hobkinson

What AFC Wimbledon means to me:

That it should be fan-owned forever. 

What we have achieved on our journey from the lower reaches of non-league is nothing short of remarkable and has proved beyond doubt that fan ownership is no barrier to success. We have a magnificent new home; we have a wonderful community club; we have hundreds of boys and girls in our youth teams; we have successful men and womens’ teams; and..

Adam ProcterManifesto Adam Procter

Proposers:  Mark Lewis and Martin Drake

My family have a long connection with Wimbledon FC and AFC Wimbledon going back to the 1950s and currently 3 generations have season tickets.

I run a successful Games Design course at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. The course is designed to be unique, with a focus around Games for Good, Games for Positive Change and a working strategy to increase diversity in game-making. Last year, our students rated the course 100%..

Michele LittleManifesto Michele Little

Proposers: Graeme Price and David Rey

About Me

I first got the itch for Wimbledon in February 1989 in the FA Cup where we beat Grimsby 3-1. I never looked back.  My only complaint was the toilets, which even at Selhurst weren’t a great improvement! Football has always been my joy. I was the only girl in my primary school class collecting Panini stickers – I’m sure my grandad secretly wished I was a boy.  That never deterred me and..

The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club Owners2021 Dons Trust Board Election

Your chance to help set the direction of your club.

The Dons Trust Board (DTB) runs the Trust and is elected by the Trust’s members on a one-member, one-vote basis.

Elections to the board take place every year, with half the positions on the board up for election each time.

The results of each election are announced at that year’s Dons Trust annual general meeting, held in December.

As a member of the Trust, you have the right to stand for election yourself. To find..

The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersDons Trust Board announcement and election update

Jane Lonsdale, Co-Chair of the Dons Trust Board (DTB), has advised her DTB and PLC colleagues, that she has decided not to re stand for election in the 2021 Dons Trust Board elections. Until then, Jane has confirmed she will continue her duties in full, including continuing to co-chair the board and chairing the working groups relating to D&I and Junior Dons.

Ed Leek has also advised that he will not be restanding for election. With Graham Stacey, Tim Hillyer..