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We are delighted to have eleven strong candidates who have put their names forward for the election to fill the five places on the Dons Trust Board. On the following pages you will find a short version of each candidate’s manifesto, provided by them. You can read their full manifestos as part of the ballot pack that has been sent to every member of the Trust. You can also read..

Elections AheadDons Trust Board Elections 2020 – Manifestos

The manifestos of all candidates standing for this year’s Dons Trust Board are now available.

You can either download all the manifestos here [1MB colour PDF] or click on the individual candidate’s name below to view their manifesto.

The following have been nominated for the election to fill five places on the Dons Trust Board :

Click on the name of a candidate to see their manifesto :

Luke Mackenzie Freddy Flaxman Xavier Wiggins Charlie Talbot Trevor Williams Andy Silvester..

Hannah KitcherManifesto Hannah Kitcher

Proposers: Mark Lewis and Jill Stratton

Meetings attended in 2019 and 2020 (to 16/09/2020): 21 out of 23

It’s been a huge honour and a privilege to serve as a member of the Dons Trust Board for the last two years at what has been a pivotal time in the Club’s history. We are going back to Plough Lane as a fan-owned club!

And I believe I have contributed to some of our successes on your behalf. I am..

Trevor WilliamsManifesto Trevor Williams

Proposers: Clare McDonagh and Anna McMillan

About me…

For those that don’t know me, I have been a Wimbledon fan since my school days and was a regular at Plough Lane from the mid 1980’s. 

I started getting involved with The Dons Trust in the Selhurst era helping wherever and whenever I could be useful.  I’m very pleased and proud to have taken part in the anti-Dublin / Milton Keynes protests. The foundations of fan action born..

Xavier WigginsManifesto Xavier Wiggins 

Proposers: Lee Willett and James Macdonald

Walking down the Haydon’s Road 

To see the Womble Aces 

Oh, the Lads, you should have seen us coming

Everywhere was yellow and blue, and everyone was running 

All the lads and lasses, smiles upon their faces 

Walking down the Haydon’s Road 

To see the Womble Aces. 


We are Wimbledon. That means something. Wimbledon means something. In the current world it means even more than before. We have spirit…

Phil MoodyManifesto Phil Moody

Proposers:  Barry Faust and Robin Bellamy

Wimbledon Football Club and AFC Wimbledon has always been close to me and my family. I was born in the area, but as our family moved to Hampshire when I was very young  I didn’t have the opportunity to attend games regularly until I was older, but when I started the feeling I got watching our team play was magnificent and I still get that feeling today. 

My Uncle John was a founding member of the Dons..

Dennis LowndesManifesto Dennis Lowndes

Proposers: Dominic Teuma and Alex Pugh

What Wimbledon AFC means to me:- 

I’ve been a lifelong supporter of Wimbledon Football Club since the plough lane days. I have lived in Merton all my life and have undertaken many voluntary roles at Wimbledon FC over the years. 

With the New Stadium and our return to our spiritual home I believe AFC Wimbledon is on the threshold of a new and exciting era. Contributing to the continued success and..

Luke MackenzieManifesto Luke Mackenzie


Proposers: Stephen Adams and David Lewis-Crosby

Meetings attended in 2019 and 2020 (to 16/09/2020): 21 out of 23

About me

Hi, I’m Luke and for the last 2 years I have had the privilege and (mostly) pleasure of being a Dons Trust Board member. During that time, there has been some big changes. We have transitioned from Erik Samuelson retiring to Joe Palmer becoming CEO. The stadium has gone from a being a bit of land..

Freddy FlaxmanManifesto Freddy Flaxman

Proposers: Emily Flaxman and Brian Flaxman

I know that I am an unlikely candidate for The Dons Trust: I’m an American. I live in California. I haven’t been to Plough Lane.  I haven’t met many of you, for whom I know the club is deeply important and personal.

But through a winding, haphazard journey, I’ve become a supporter of the club – and what is clear is that the story of AFC Wimbledon transcends the thousands of..

Niall CouperManifesto Niall Couper

Proposers: Lou Carton-Kelly and Kevin Rye

My vision for the Dons Trust

I want the club we all love to be the best.

But who am I?

I am a founder member of the Dons Trust and served on the Board in 2004.

I first started going to Plough Lane in 1982 and was a mascot with my brother against Hull City in January 1983. That was the last game we lost in our charge for the..